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synchronicity 2013

The series ‘synchronicity’ is an attempt to visually represent the concept of ‘entanglement’ in atoms.



The idea is explained in Quantum theory as one in which when once two atoms that have collided with one another drift apart they continue to be connected to one another by an invisible chord so that an action on one produces an equal and opposite reaction in the other—like thoughts in two people in widely different circumstances that may appear to link at a point, yet remain separate. 

Last year I hurt my shoulder to such an extent that I was unable to lift my beloved Canon Mark II. Unable to pursue my passion, I was wrapped in a sense of desolation. And then one fine day earlier this year, I had a brain about using the camera on my mobile phone! I had been so stuck with the traditional modes of photography that I had not thought of this very simple thing. So I decided to use the camera on my mobile phone and what emerged was the series ‘synchronicity’.

These works consist of small images that are pieced together so they form a pattern. Each image  emanates from a central point with the four smaller sections of the image a mirror image of the other, like thoughts that remain connected yet remain separate but mirror one another.

PS: (The following article is about a discovery that scientists have made and states the idea quite succintly:


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