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being on the edge of abstraction 2008

The images, being on the edge of abstraction 1-7, 2008 are a re-creation of my thought processes, the idea that comes from Hindu Philosophy that Time appears as a static river, like a glacier, and the past, present and future are all here. The idea is like a dream and these images are in a sense a representation of the fictional and the dream like created in the real setting of a 1930s Canberra house.

With these works I endeavoured to communicate a sense of finding and at the same time losing myself through photography - the blur conflated time, while the grid enabled a sense of illusion – the sense of the dreamlike.

Sitting in my room, against the window, after having just captured the aforementioned photographs, I saw light falling across the room onto the opposite wall. The pattern it formed was grid shaped and once again I took out my camera to capture that moment.

The resulting images, the day I danced with time 1-18, nine of which are reproduced here in a grid format, emphasise the limiting and at the same time limitless nature of the grid (E.Krauss, Rosalind. "Grids." In The Originality of the Avant-Garde and Other Modernist Myths, edited by Rosalind E.Krauss, 8-22. London: MIT Press, 1984.) and the fact that time itself is limitless and ephemeral and cannot be limited.





ANU School of Art & Design-Studio report_©Payal Sehgal 2008

ANU School of Art & Design-Short Story_The Memory hereafter_©Payal Sehgal 2008

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